At Dental Town DC, we are proud to offer our patients both full and partial dentures at the most affordable rate in Washington, DC. As a highly effective and convenient tooth replacement option, dentures allow users to experience the ability to speak and eat without much issue.

Constructed of the highest-quality dental prosthetic materials, dentures manufactured through our partners are meant to last for decades. Using cutting-edge techniques and design applications, we are able to create dentures that fit remarkably well. Whether a full upper or lower denture or a partial denture is needed, we strive to ensure that your experience is as positive as it can be.

Working to guarantee your complete satisfaction, we schedule your denture-fitting appointments over a period of a few weeks. After first assessing that dentures are indeed the correct restorative option, we take x-rays and molds of your mouth to ensure proper size and placement. If needed, we then remove or adjust your natural teeth to promote optimal, long-term oral health. As your mouth heals, you’ll wear the temporary dentures that were created for you.

After your custom-fit dentures are complete, you’ll then have another appointment where we’ll place them and instruct you on their use and care. It is normal for you to need additional appointments to adjust your dentures as needed, avoiding sore spots and slippage.

Find out more about dentures and if you’re a candidate by calling our patient care team today. We promise our full attention and gentle care.