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Looking for a Dentist in DC for a Second Opinion?

Posted on: August 19th, 2022 by The DC Dentist No Comments

If you need dental implants or are looking for extensive cosmetic dentistry, you want to be sure you’re collaborating with a dentist that is dedicated to giving you the outcome you want. If you feel uncomfortable with a treatment plan presented by a dentist, or if their personality doesn’t mesh with yours, it’s best to meet with at least one other dentist to see if there someone out there that’s more compatible.

With something as complex and life changing as dental implants or cosmetic dentistry you want to be confident in your choice. Here are some signs a dental office might be right for you:

  • They have a dental specialist on site – Let’s say you want to replace some teeth with dental implants and a dental prosthesis. Some dentists may refer you out to a specialist that places dental implants, often a periodontist, or place the dental implants themselves. While these are not red flags that something is wrong, it’s worth considering the benefits in quality and collaboration that come with having the restoration done in the same place as the dental implants and the dental implants being done by someone who specializes in them.
  • There is a transparency about cost – The person picking up the phone at the dental office would never be able to accurately quote you how much treatment will cost. Only after a thorough examination by a dentist can a treatment plan be made and quoted. But once a treatment plan is made there should be full transparency and all items in the plan should be discussed. Look for a dentist that doesn’t shy away from answering all your questions until you are satisfied.
  • Does the dentist come highly recommended – Whether it’s from hearing about a dentist from a friend or seeing that the dental office is well-rated online, make sure that the dentist is recommended so that you are not going in blind.

We hope you found this mini-guide useful. If you are looking for a dentist to get a second opinion don’t hesitate to look at our reviews and consider coming to our DC dental office.

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