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No parent wants to hear that their child needs orthodontic treatments such as braces. With years of detailed care and attention, exacerbated by multiple, ongoing dental appointments, to many, braces mean a costly headache.

At Dental Town DC, we get it. We won’t patronize you by stating that braces are a walk in the park. They are one of the most extensive and lengthy cosmetic dentistry procedures for both teens and adults. But we do promise, that when you begin orthodontic treatments with us, you’ll be happy in the end.

Benefits Of Braces & Orthodontic Treatments:

By treating the irregularities of the jaw and teeth, orthodontic procedures not only create an attractive smile but are meant to protect the life-long health and functionality of the entire mouth. Misaligned, occluded and misshapen teeth are often the cause of headaches, jaw pain and, surprisingly, tooth decay. Straight teeth are generally more healthy and stronger, not only because they allow for the growth of other strong teeth, but because they are simply easier to clean, brush and floss. Straight teeth not only contribute to a more attractive smile, but they make it easier to chew, eat and speak correctly.

Braces allow those children and adults who are affected by dental irregularities to correct harmful oral habits. Furthermore, braces reduce tooth wear and limit the potential to damage to jaw joints. The list of benefits of braces is extensive, giving parents a variety of reasons to make the commitment of braces and orthodontia for their child.

How Long Do You Have To Wear Braces To Straighten Your Teeth?

For the majority of patients, teeth straightening with dental braces may take anywhere between just 6 months and 2 years. Your orthodontist will be able to give you an accurate estimate of how long your braces treatment will take based on their experience treating patients of similar requirements.

What Is The Best Age For Orthodontic Treatment/When Should Braces Be Put On?

Most orthodontists begin treatment on children between the ages of 9 and 14 as most problems are easily fixable during this time. The earlier the treatment the better because you will be able to help your child correct oral habits that are harmful to their dental development, guide teeth into the correct position and avoid protruding front teeth.

Adult Braces:

Patients with orthodontic problems can benefit from treatment at nearly any age. The most common orthodontic treatments are for spacing, crowding, overbites, under bites and cross bites. These problems can be fixed easily earlier on in life but sometimes it is not corrected. For whatever the reason, as an adult, you can still have these problems fixed during your adult lifetime. The only requirements that you need for braces are that your teeth and gums are in healthy and in good condition.

For some adults, the thought of having traditional metal braces is unappealing. Thankfully, we offer more discrete orthodontic treatment options, such as Invisalign and clear braces, for individuals that are hesitant to get traditional metal braces.

Types Of Braces:

Traditional Braces: These are the type you typically see on children and teenagers. They are metal brackets that are fixed onto the teeth.

Clear Braces: Clear braces or ceramic braces are similar to traditional braces as they are fixed; however, they the brackets are translucent.

Invisalign/Clear Aligners: Invisalign is a pair of clear aligners that are a transparent and removable alternative to fixed braces.

Our Washington DC Orthodontist Staff:

Are you looking for a trust worthy orthodontist in dc? Our Washington DC Orthodontists are highly respected among their peers and the local community. Our team includes not only orthodontists but specialists in a variety of dental care methodologies, so we can make sure your teeth are getting the best care. Their experience and education combine to exceed more than a half-century of providing local patients with the superior care they deserve.

If you are looking for an expert orthodontist in dc, look no farther. Schedule your full orthodontic assessment today. We look forward to creating a long-term oral health plan for you.

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