Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Going far beyond the simple extraction of teeth, many oral surgeries are performed to correct a number of facial and dental abnormalities or injuries. Also helping in the alleviation of sleep apnea symptoms and treating palate and bone problems, oral surgeons are tasked with restoring the proper form and functionality of the mouth and its surrounding structure.

As Washington, DC’s Preferred Dental Services Provider, We Specialize In The Following:

  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction
    Because most patient’s third row of molars often emerges crooked or misaligned, it is important to remove protruding teeth in order to avoid future dental health problems.
  • Bone Grafting
    Performed in preparation of another restorative dental procedure, bone grafting builds up the structure of the jaw or face to provide support for periodontal work or implants.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Application
    Used to accelerate healing after oral surgery, PRP infusions ensure that the patient has the best chance for success after the procedure. The process helps reduce complications during hard and soft tissue regeneration.
  • Orthognathic Surgery
    Ensuring a strong and dependable structure on which to build effective orthodontics, orthognathic surgery involves modifying the jaw or maxilla and aligning them as needed. The procedure is most often performed by an oral surgeon or craniofacial surgeon with the assistance of an orthodontist.
  • Facial Reconstruction Surgery
    Correcting the damage caused by accidents or trauma to the face, facial reconstruction surgery requires an in-depth understanding of the function and appearance of facial features. If necessary, your oral/maxillofacial surgeon will repair fractures to the cheek, nose, jaw or eye socket while restoring damaged or knocked out teeth, working to reduce or eliminate permanent flaws.

If you believe you’d be better off with having a tooth extracted, or are considering dental implants, schedule an appointment with our patient care team now. We’ll make the recommendations that provide the best results while saving you time and money.

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