Sedation Dentistry Eliminates Anxiety So You Get the Care You Need

Spending an hour in the dentist’s chair may not be as enjoyable as passing the time with friends, but both activities can bring a bright and beaming smile to your face. Regular dental care — including preventive care — is essential to keep your teeth, gums, and oral tissues healthy and disease-free.

When you have fear or anxiety about visiting a dentist, you may avoid dental care altogether. While that strategy may give you relief in the short term, it runs the risk of your developing much larger problems that require more intervention in the future. The good news is we offer sedation dentistry, which allows us to keep your smile full of bright, healthy teeth while making you feel comfortable at the same time.

At Dental Town DC in Washington, DC, Samira Senhasi, DDS, and her team of experts understand the effects that dental anxiety and fear can have on patients. That’s why we make every effort to remove the fear and anxiety from your visits here so you get the ongoing dental care you need to maintain great oral health.

You’re not alone in your fears

Somewhere between 9% and 15% of adults in the United States feel anxious about dental procedures, and we take no offense! Noisy instruments that vibrate around your head, as well as highly sensitive roots and tissues, are perfectly valid reasons for your anxiety. However, modern dental techniques have come a long way, and most of our procedures are designed to help you avoid pain.

For example, a root canal procedure is pain-free with sedation dentistry. But if you don’t treat an infected tooth with a root canal procedure, you could suffer excruciating pain as well as the loss of the tooth. 

Although we know you understand the consequences of neglecting oral health, this understanding doesn’t help alleviate your anxiety — or downright fear — of getting dental work done. That’s where sedation dentistry comes in.

We help you relax 

With sedation dentistry, we’re able to keep you calm and happy during your dental visit so we can do what we do best — look after the health of your teeth and gums. We offer two different kinds of sedation: oral anti-anxiety medications, and nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas). We find one that works best for you.

If you have mild anxiety, we may simply have you take the edge off with a pill you take before your procedure. If your anxiety is mid-grade, laughing gas makes you feel relaxed and euphoric. 

We want to be sure you’re comfortable every time you come to visit us. By providing you with sedation dentistry options, your visits won’t be a source of anxiety. You can feel confident, knowing that you’re preventing larger problems down the road through excellent preventive care.

To learn more about our sedation dentistry services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 202-315-1969 or request an appointment online.

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