Oral Piercings & Dental Health

Oral piercings have become largely famous among many age groups over the recent years. Women, men of older ages as well as teenagers are increasingly becoming drawn towards getting their tongue and other areas of their mouth pierced. Although they look very trendy according to many, oral piercings can be dangerous and cause multiple health conditions in the long run. Oral piercings, apart from being painful in the beginning can cause dental complications as discussed below.


Complications Of Oral Piercing

Compared to other forms of piercings, oral piercings need to be kept very clean and safe. This requires you to maintain a strict hygiene regimen and ensure that you follow it not just when the piercing is new, but forever. Another thing to understand is that oral piercings, unlike other piercings can’t be just taken out on a whim or because you do not like them anymore because the process can get painful and complicated in addition to leaving a permanent hole. Following are complications that can result from oral piercings:

Can You Remove An Oral Piercing?

The removal of an oral piercing is not easy. If you have not taken the piercing out by yourself before, you can get help from your dentist to do so. Your mouth and tongue should feel normal after a few days or weeks. Your dentist will monitor to check if the piercing has caused any damage to your teeth or gums. Although the hole left as a result of the piercing removal can get closed without any issues, for some people it can leave a permanent hole. There is a small surgical procedure to close the whole which involves use of local anesthesia. Furthermore, there is also a risk of infection if there is a permanent hole. It is very important that you think of all the potential risks when you decide to get a oral piercing as they are more complicated than a regular ear or nose piercing.

If you have an oral piercing, it’s vital to maintain a regular oral hygiene routine that includes brushing, flossing and checking your piercing to make sure it looks and feels normal. Make sure to discuss with your dentist about the potential complications of oral piercings and then make a decision on whether you should get one.

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