Missing Teeth Treatment Options – Hypodontia


There are many causes of missing teeth or hypodontia. There has been a lot of research that suggests that there is a major connection between the missing teeth condition and genetic and environmental factors. However, there is still no concrete data that states the actual causes of hypodontia. When there are 6 or less teeth missing, the condition is termed as hypodontia. With children and adults who are diagnosed with hypodontia, it is more common to have 2-4 missing teeth. There is a higher possibility to have missing teeth in case of females and in identical twins.

Various causes of missing teeth include:



Will you or your child have problems if you have missing teeth? May be. Most dentists will monitor you or child if they diagnose hypodontia. In case of children, if they have missing baby teeth, the dentist will wait and monitor to check if they develop permanent teeth. In case of adults, the dentist will monitor to check if the missing teeth are causing any oral health issues or if the patient feels there is an appearance issue. Therefore, it is important to get hypodontia diagnosed as early as possible and get a treatment plan recommended by your dentist.

Problems that can develop due to missing tooth or teeth. Some examples include:



Dentists at Dental Town DC can help you address all of the issues caused due to missing teeth. Hypodontia treatments include getting dental implants, getting bridges and dentures. While replacing the missing teeth is a common recommended approach, you may not require that but, just braces and other less invasive treatments. Most adults who had missing teeth as children may have missing teeth as adults. Before recommending a treatment plan, our dentists will review your overall oral health and any other conditions caused because of missing teeth. Considering your general health and oral health condition along with factors such as your insurance and budget, Dental Town DC dentists will work with you to determine a suitable treatment plan.



Roots of the teeth are replaced by the dental implants that become the foundation or basic support to the oral structure and the nearby teeth. Dental implants can be a good option for one or several missing teeth. However, it may be expensive to get implants and you should plan in advance and review your insurance policy with our office to fully understand what will be covered and what will not. Dental implants are like permanent teeth and feel more natural, but they are also more expensive than getting dental bridges or dentures.



Dental bridges can be a good option if you have multiple consecutive teeth that are missing. Fixed dental bridge is a type of replacement that is best for patients who have a stronger jawbone structure. Removable bridges are advisable for patients with less or weaker jawbone structure. Bridges cost lesser than implants and the procedure also takes fewer number of days to complete.



Partial removable or fixed dentures is another option to replace missing teeth. This is a recommended procedure if there are several teeth that need to be replaced. This is also a cheaper option compared to implants and bridges.



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