Is Teeth Whitening Safe & Is It Right For Me?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe And Is It Right For Me?

We’d all like to achieve a smile that’s a little whiter and brighter. With all of the options available in teeth whitening procedures today, more choices are available to you than ever before.

You may have wondered if whitening procedures such as bleaching, blue LED, and at home whitening kits are safe. The answer is yes—teeth whitening treatments are generally safe and well tolerated by most patients.

Before deciding to whiten your smile, there are a few considerations that you should take into account, whether you opt for an at-home whitening treatment or an in-office procedure.


What Causes Teeth Staining/Discoloring?

Throughout our busy lives, we encounter several habits that contribute to stained teeth. You may notice that many people around you display a smile that’s a few shades less than flawlessly white.

This is common and is often the result of various factors including:

Stained teeth can also be the result of tetracycline antibiotics and a condition known as dental fluorosis, a mineralization of the tooth enamel.


Is Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

No matter the reason you have stained or yellow teeth, you may have wondered if teeth whitening is a treatment option for you.

First, consider that some degree of staining on the surface of the teeth is entirely normal and common, and may not require whitening. If the degree of staining is unflattering and affects your self-esteem, you may wish to proceed with a whitening procedure.

As long as your teeth are cavity free and your gums are in healthy condition, there is little risk involved with teeth whitening.

The decision to opt for whitening treatments is often a matter of personal preference. Ultimately, the decision to whiten is entirely up to you.

To make an informed decision, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the process surrounding whitening procedures and to choose the procedure that will best suit your individual needs.


Which Teeth Whitening Procedure Should I Use?

If you decide that you’d like to brighten your smile a few shades, the next step in the process is to determine whether you will opt for an at-home whitening kit or an in-office procedure. Overall, the differences between these methods lie in the concentration of bleaching agent that is used.

A trained professional can administer the strongest concentration of the peroxide bleaching agent permitted. So, if you’re looking for the whitest and brightest smile possible, an in-office procedure is your best bet. During an office procedure, you will receive care from a trained dentist in the comfort of a supervised medical setting.

If opting for at home whitening kits, several options are available to you and vary based on application and how often you apply each treatment to achieve results. Your dentist at Dental Town DC will be able to provide you with the best at home whitening kit for your needs. Regardless of the at-home whitening kit that you select, it is crucial to follow all instructions closely to achieve maximum results and avoid mishaps. Bleaching products contain powerful chemical agents that are highly effective in achieving a whiter smile and must be handled with caution and care.


Precautions And Considerations:

While whitening procedures are generally safe and well tolerated, a few basic considerations should be taken into account before deciding to whiten your teeth using one of these methods.

Teeth whitening procedures, including in office or at home whitening, should be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers. Your Dental Town DC professional can discuss nonperoxide, safe whitening alternatives with patients who are nursing or pregnant and would like to brighten their smile.

Sensitive teeth may be aggravated or worsened by the bleaching agents used in whitening procedures. If you have sensitive teeth, ask your dentist about whitening alternatives.

Inform your dentist of any concerns you may have regarding the procedure, or any questions surrounding the whitening process.

Don’t hesitate to mention underlying health conditions, past medical history, or past medical procedures to your dentist. Your dentist will perform a careful medical intake with you prior to the evaluation.

Schedule a consultation with Dental Town DC to learn more about teeth whitening procedures today!

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