How Do Medications Affect Oral Health?

Medications, both, prescription medications and over-the-counter medications can affect your oral health in multiple ways. Many of us are unaware about the effects of medications on teeth and gums. Today, nearly all people aged 50 and above take one or more prescription drugs on a daily basis. There is also a growing trend where people are becoming regular in use of antacids, pain killers and antibiotics. Besides medications in pill form, there are other medications that are administered intravenous, such as chemotherapy drugs and insulin that can affect oral health. Cheweables that include certain vitamin supplements and antacids can lead to formation of plaque.

Consumption of medications often causes side effects that the dentist or oral surgeon needs to be aware of before starting and performing any procedure. For example, blood thinners cause easy bleeding and therefore the dentist may reach out to the patient’s cardiologist to lower the dosage or stop the blood thinner medication temporarily before doing a root canal or extraction. In the same way, patients on diabetes patients may need to adjust their dosages if they are going to undergo a dental procedure so that there is less risk of bleeding and infection. Although medications do not directly cause cavities, they create conditions in the mouth that can lead to decay and cavities over time.


Medications And Their Effects On Oral Health

Medications affect oral health to a very large extent. That is why, it is important for your dentist to know all your medical history, medications you are taking and any other medical procedures that you have gone through or are going through. This will help the dentist to devise a correct plan of treatment for you. It is also necessary to keep your dental office updated with any changes in your medical history and medicine usage.

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