Dental Tips For Fall

Fall season brings with it, a lot of different things – schools and colleges starting, football, parties, cooler days, Halloween and Thanksgiving. For most of us, this makes our days busier and we have less time to be outdoors, less physical activities but more food intake that comes with get together’s and events. With all of this, it can get challenging to maintain a good oral health for adults and kids.  Our dentists at Dental Town DC share tips that help you take care of your oral health in this beautiful fall and harvest season:

Schedule Your Annual Dental Visit

If you already haven’t already visited your dentist this year, fall is a great time to do so before the cold and short days begin. Most dental offices tend to get busy during summer and fall so it is a good idea to get your visit scheduled if you did not do so in summer. This helps you get all your fillings and other required procedures to be taken care of in time before holidays.


Eat Healthy & Drink Healthy

Halloween, Thanksgiving, parties, football involve various unhealthy foods. As a responsible family member, we should encourage healthy eating and drinking during fall by offering healthy snacks to kids during Halloween instead of candy and by cooking or opting for healthier food and drinks during Thanksgiving and football parties. One should be cautious when buying pumpkin spiced foods and drinks such as coffees that contain high levels of sugar and artificial flavors. Gummies as a sweet treat or as multi vitamins have become very popular today and it is not recommended for kids and adults to chew on these. If you must give multi vitamins to your kids, make sure they brush after eating gummies or switch to healthier forms of multis or even better way is to provide adequate nutrition through natural foods.


Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Like in all other seasons, we should focus on maintaining a good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. This also includes maintaining good habits related to using mouth wash, replacing your toothbrush regularly and making sure to keep up with dental care even after festive meals.


Make Sure To Your Use Dental Benefits

This is a great time to check your dental insurance benefits and make sure to schedule your dental visit in time so that you don’t lose out on any unused benefits. You can take care of multiple issues including fillings and other procedures before the end of the year. If you have an FSA or HSA, that would also be helpful if you need additional procedures to address your dental problems.

We sincerely hope you have a wonderful start of fall season and less of dental worries. Our dental office is ready to answer all your questions related to cleaning, whitening and any other services you require to maintain your teeth and gums this fall!

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