Are Pumpkin Spice Lattes Good For You? Our Dental Experts Explain How This Fall Favorite Drink Affec

When fall begins, we start thinking of Halloween, pumpkins, fall leaves, chilly days, thanksgiving and, of course, all the food that goes with fall! Pumpkin spice latte is a very highly consumed beverage during fall months. And not just the latte but many other foods that have the pumpkin or pumpkin spice flavor. Whether from any of the famous coffee chains or a regular brand, many of us who like the flavor are mesmerized by the aroma and taste of the pumpkin spice latte. Pumpkin is a very healthy kind of fruit and so when we hear anything pumpkin, be it a latte or a pie, we perceive it to be healthy. Pumpkin has lots of benefits for health but in the more natural form and when its less processed.

Pumpkin Spice Latte or PSL is a sweet coffee drink that is a combination of coffee and pumpkin spice flavor. Most coffee giants have created an exceptional kind of this drink that attracts people thoroughly during autumn months. As some of us know, companies spend millions and billions to get the right type of beverage out which alters your brain function in a way that will attract people towards it through smell and artificial flavors. However, even though we can get attracted to the aroma of the PSL, many of us today understand that such drinks can be very unhealthy. PSL like drinks are not only bad for overall health but also affect your oral health negatively. So how is the pumpkin spice latte you love bad for you in many ways?


Lots Of Sugar

Pumpkin Spice Latte drinks contain a lot of sugar, natural and even artificial type that is in the form of syrup. Syrups such as the ones that contain high fructose corn syrup can be extremely bad for health and its consumption can lead to conditions such as diabetes. We should not only watch out for PSL but even other drinks and sweet foods that may contain this. This is not only harmful for your overall health but can mess with your dental health leading to decay, cavities and gum disease. Syrups can lead to plaque formation. Sugary drinks and food lead to excessive production of acid in the mouth through bacteria that destroy the tooth enamel. Did you know that a grande or medium PSL can contain about 50 grams of sugar which is a lot more than what we should be consuming in an entire day?


Teeth Staining

We all know that coffees and black teas can stain your teeth and pumpkin spice latte can do so too. Some people think that PSL does not have a very strong coffee flavor so it may not stain teeth but that is a misconception as the coffee is masked by the milk. Dark colored foods and beverages stain teeth as their particles settle in the minuscule holes and ridges that are present all over your teeth. This settlement of particles leads to staining of tooth enamel.


So, Does This Mean I Can Never Have My Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pies And Cookies?

No, don’t deprive yourself from having your favorite PSL now that fall is here, but make sure you have it only a few times and not make it regular habit. You can also make it less sweet by asking the barista to add lesser syrup or get an unsweetened version if that’s an option. Even better option is to make a regular latte at home and then add real pumpkin spice blend to it instead of using some artificial syrup! The same goes with all the pumpkin flavored bakes and treats you get at coffee shops and stores. Most are artificially flavored. It is much healthier to prepare pumpkin spiced delicacies using real spices and good quality home made or store brought pumpkin purees. You can also avail pumpkin’s vital health benefits by making foods such as soups, stews and smoothies that don’t contain sugar.


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Pumpkin Spice Latte is nice to have in the chilly fall months but can be disastrous for your health and teeth. Autumn season can never go without a pumpkin spice latte and the rich delicacies made from pumpkin. It is always said that everything is good in moderation and/or in small quantities. The same applies to your favorite fall drinks and foods.

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