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A Look Back At Washington DC’s Most Famous Smiles

Posted on: October 20th, 2022 by The DC Dentist No Comments

As a dental office in DC we feel obligated talk about presidential smiles and teeth on our dental blog. Everyone likes talking about how George Washington didn’t actually have wooden dentures, or how he only had one of his natural teeth remaining during his inauguration. But what about other presidents? Here are some facts about presidential smiles that at one point or another called Washington DC their home.

  • Jimmy Carter – President Carter had such a distinctive smile that he used his smile as part of his campaign. One of the key images of his campaign was a smile placed on a picture of a peanut, a call-out to his smile and his days as a peanut farmer. This must have been a nice change compared to President Ford’s smile, that some have speculated to show signs of tooth grinding.
  • Teddy Roosevelt – When President Roosevelt was campaigning, he also used imagery of his teeth during the campaign in the form of a novelty whistle. This was at a time when poor dental health was common, so the fact that he had all of his teeth intact and so neatly arranged was quite unique.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt – Another member of the Roosevelt family didn’t have as much luck with his teeth. FDR had orthodontic braces when he was younger in addition to his leg braces. Unfortunately he didn’t have the option of straightening his teeth with Invisalign at our DC dental office, as Invisalign wouldn’t be invented until the late 1990’s.
  • Thomas Jefferson – Jefferson had exceptional dental health, especially considering the time he was alive and that he lived to 83 years old. In one of his letters to a dentist friend he mentions not needing porcelain teeth from him since he had only lost one tooth.
  • White House Dental Operatory – We wish we could say that the president of the United States gets his dental care at Dental Town DC, after all, the dental office is conveniently located in downtown DC, a short walk away from the White House. According to an interview with President Obama, when POTUS needs dental work done they go into the White House basement.

If you find yourself in need of a dentist in DC and you don’t have access to the White House basement, you might want to go to Dental Town DC instead. The office is well rated online and can offer a wide variety of dental services from routine cleanings to dental implants. Don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment.

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